Clancy Enchelmaier
Brisbane based Clancy Enchelmaier
Lachlan Griffith
Brisbane & Sydney based Lachlan Griffith
Jack Duff
Melbourne based Jack Duff
Ben Carter
Melbourne based Ben Carter
Jack Saunders
Melbourne based Jack Saunders
Wil King
Melbourne based Wil King
Liam Dodds
Melbourne based Liam Dodds
Luke Wilson
Melbourne based Lule Wilson
Lewis Beer
Melbourne based Lewis Beer
Cameron Taylor
Melbourne based Cameron Taylor
Tom Matthews
Sydney based Tom Matthews
Emilio Ramos
New York based Emilio Ramos
Dean Schulz
Melbourne based Dean Schulz
Frazer Hadfield
London based Frazer Hadfield
Rian Howlett
Melbourne based Rain Howlett
Nick Eynaud
Melbourne based Nick Eynaud
Rhys Velasquez
Melbourne based Rhys Velasquez
Joel Horwood
Sydney based Joel Horwood
Lachlan Hewson
Melbourne based Lachlan Hewson
Andrew Lindqvist
Sydney based Andrew Lindqvist
Jasper Garner Gore
Sydney based Jasper Garner Gore
Wil Ridley
London based Wil Ridley
Tim Paige
Melbourne based Tim Paige
James Haxby Headshot (print)19_page-0001
Melbourne Based James Haxby
Nick Cain
Sydney based Nicholas Cain
Nicholas Kong
Melbourne based Nicholas Kong
Andy Conaghan
Melbourne based Andy Conaghan
Stephen McDowell
Melbourne based Stephen McDowell
Grant Foulkes
Melbourne based Grant Foulkes
Giles Gartrell-Mills
Sydney based Giles
Gerard Lane
Melbourne based Gerard Lane
Francisco Lopez
Sydney based Francisco Lopez
Joe Dinn
Melbourne based Joe Dinn
Luke Mulquiney
Sydney based Luke
Christopher Welldon
New York based Christopher Welldon
Daniel Humphris
Melbourne based Daniel Humphris
Adam Lubicz
Melbourne based Adam Lubicz
Andy Leonard
Sydney based Andy Leonard
Jason Geary
Melbourne Based Jason Geary
Alistair Bates
Sydney based Alistair Bates
Mark Doggett
Melbourne based Mark Doggett
Damian Callinan
Melbourne based Damian Callinan.

Member of The Australian Writers’ Guild.
Chris Burke
Sydney based Chris Burke
Colin Dean
Hobart based Colin Dean
Shane McNamara
Melbourne based Shane McNamara
Will Deumer
Melbourne based Will Deumer
Edmund Pegge
Adelaide, Sydney & London based Edmund Pegge.
Lester Morris
Sydney based Lester Morris
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Tom Matthews

Sydney based Tom Matthews

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